Money Money Money

I'm only with my husband for his monkey. Whenever I put out for him he buys me anything I want! Jewelry, clothes, computer, car, rings, bracelet, earrings, jewels, watches, houses, horses, bridges, cities, suburbs, sports teams, carpets, bedazzlers, airplanes, mobile homes, fireworks, jewelry, and much, much more! It's just so hard to tell a man that showers you with gifts that you no longer love him and instead love his monkey.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • If I had a monkey, that b**** wouldn't ever see another bedazzler.

  • I'd marry a man if he had a monkey that could roll me joints & make me sandwiches :D hahahahha

  • ^ OP Here: It's not about the money, I could care less, it's all about the monkey.

  • Bedazzlers? Really? That s*** was like $19.99 from Kmart back in the early 90s.

    If you're still bedazzling your s***, you might as well stay with him for the money. Ain't every guy that can set you up in the double-wide.

  • Wow, if he is that rich I'd totally be with him too.
    Wait, monkey? I thought it was a typo, but you did it twice.

  • Dogs are bette rlovers by far.


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