To Conclude Or Resolve

It seems that in this life, the only ones I have ever really loved have never loved me back. But the only ones who have ever really loved me, I have never loved back. I now know how it feels. It's not a good feeling. Should I give up and pretend to love the ones who love me or should I keep chasing the only one I fully love? I don't think it would be fair for life to contain such compromises. I don't think I could settle for less than all I want and all I need.

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  • Yes, like the previous comment, don't search for the love you want and deserve, settle for the love you have, even if its mind numbing and not what you really want.
    Never listen to anyone who tells you to quit searching for what you want.

  • Ok, but by always looking for the next best thing, you could be missing out on something amazing right in front of you.

    There will ALWAYS be someone, something bigger, and better. But if you always keep saying that this or that isn't good enough, and that you're waiting for that something better, you may find yourself without ANYTHING one day.

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