DIY needed

I am going to kill myself and I need to know how to do it.Both my husband and I are out of work(Thanks Obama!)and neither of us is likely to ever get another job in our lifetimes(the economy isn't going to get better anytime within the next 100 years)
I am not interested in hearing platitudes or having anyone try and talk me out of this.I don't want to hear it and I will not listen.I want a serious answer.I do not have access to a gun or I would have done it already.Ideas?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Dead yet? If not, why not? Tick tock!

  • take a gun pull da trigger bye bye B****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you're stupid enough to think suicide's the answer, maybe you're right.

    Look: if things are really that bad, they can't get any worse, can they? They can only get better.
    I was homeless for a while. Did the couch surfing thing, then slept rough for a while. Thought about death as an alternative, but decided against it. Turned my life around, kinda (h*** if it was perfect... nevermind)

    Hey, either there's no afterlife and killing yourself means you've wasted all your chances, or there is and you're off to h*** for doing yourself in. Either way, not as good as living.

    While you're alive there's always something to enjoy. S**, beer, dope, p***, bacon, coffee or cake: whatever you're into, when you're dead you won't get any more of it. Ever.

    While you're alive, there are options. Thought about crime? H***, if you get away with it, you've got money. If you get killed doing it you were suicidal anyway, and if you get caught you've got your food, healthcare and rent taken care of by the state. I suggest mail fraud.

    Guns aren't lawful
    Nooses can give
    Gas smells awful
    Might as well live.

  • Hmm I lost my job in mid 2008. My gf lost hers in late 2008. Bush was President during both job losses. Around April, we both found jobs. Obama was president during both job gains. Do the math. Either the president has nothing to do with it, or the president has everything to do with it. In no case is anything Obama's fault, though. Jobless claims dropped for the 1st time in a month and his 'radical' policies have pulled us out of recession and we will start to recover this quarter. Learn econ before blaming others for your financial woes. Or just kill yourself.

  • Without trying to sound like everyone else.
    Dont, things WILL get better.
    Trust me, sleep when your dead x

  • ^Yeah, that last bit got you off the list, stupid s***.

  • Hopefully, more Republicans will follow suit...

  • Nah, they're having too much fun messing up the world for decent human beings. Too bad being a whiny narcissist isn't fatal!

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