i feel like my friends don't appreciate

i feel like my friends don't appreciate me but that i'm being stupid about it. i just want to feel like a priority at some point. but my best friend has a new girlfriend so he is never around or not talking about her and all my other friends have other things going on. i feel so frustrated but i'm afraid that i'm unreasonable about my frustration so i don't want to say anything.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You are not sucking their c**** enough . They have found other people or things that they enjoy more now and you are not as important to them . Make sure that they are always thinking about you and if given the choice they will pick you .The only way to make sure that happens is to become a much better c*** sucker and suck their c**** as often as it takes to make them want to have you around all the time . You wont be able to get by with just sucking the friends c*** that has a girlfriend .If you want to take her place you will have to dress sexier/sluttier than her . She is more important than you right now and if she is sucking his c*** then you have to be better at it than her to get ahead of her . If you want to make sure to win him over then let him f*** you in the ass and let him do it often and he will forget all about that girl .

  • strip 4 dem

  • put yourself first in your life
    if you aren't important to yourself, no one else will treat you as important either

  • your not being unreasonable but people get like that when they find a new partner. eventually you get old enough that everyone is married and it makes it hard to be friends. best thing to do is get wrapped up with your girlfriend and after your friend new relationship dies down a bit, he'll be looking to hang out again.

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