I am very attracted to my husband's

I am very attracted to my husband's coworker/friend. He is single and younger than me. It really flatters me when he says I am pretty and fun to be around. When we go out dancing in a group, I find myself wanting to dance with him seductively, while my husband watches us. It is all really innocent and it has sparked up my love life with my husband. This guy knows how I feel and he is flattered too, but he obviously we will not act on it even though in my mind I do.
I love my husband so much and I find myself feeling guilty just thinking about this friend (being with him.) I sometimes think about him so much that I have to tell myself to stop. Just to even touch him when we have danced, turns me on. I have never been affected by someone like this before. I still want for us to be friends. I guess I am just going to have to get over it.

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  • S** can burn bridges. Be careful not to go there

  • It is good that you have a check on your imagination. At some point you will have the opportunity to s**** this co-worker. With the direction you and he are taking, it is taking it will happen. But, if it you do cheat you cannot take it back. It cannot be undone. You still have to live with yourself, and you may find yourself truly alone.

    Keep real. Divorce hurts everybody.

  • ya u r!

  • i have a best friend and i love her to death but i still think she is the most annoying person on earth and causes the most problems for me and the most drama and i really hope she choices to go to an away college after this year when she graduates h/s because she also drives my family crazy cause she never stops talking and rambles on about everything and is really loud

  • im a girl and ive had alot of bf's and i am really into guys .. but ive done stuff with girls too..not that far but my friends tell me that im bi and i think i am too but wont amit that i am because im scared they'll laugh and make jokes about it because the only one outta all of them that has "Done stuff" ...

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