stalker girl

I’m 15 years old and I’m in love with a boy i met on a forum. I have never met or spoken to him in my life, but am convinced he is my soulmate. You may think that this is absurd, however if after just looking at one picture, and reading a few forum posts I can feel such a strong emotional connection between us; then I am convinced that he is the one.

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  • Here's what you do. First do a ton of coke. Then find the biggest blackest n***** that's right I said n***** and have him penatrate you in the a***. After that take his huge n***** c*** in you c*** hole and let him explode inside of you. Then after he dumps his n***** load inside you take your finger and stick it in your slit and taste the salty sperm from the giant n***** you f*****.

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