im a bully to my friends because i like

im a bully to my friends because i like force em to give me stuff like food and crud. But when i try to stop, i just cant! i dont know why. but i really do want to. its like i force them to be my friends just cause im stronger then them. please give me some advice. =(

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  • Take up masturbation.

    It does the soul good.

  • if I was your friend I'd kick your ass every time I saw your ugly face you f****** f**

  • oh ya and this "5" year old has probably seen more p*** then u!

  • no im six!! so ha u mother fauckin basterd!! Go buy some s** toys for urself and get off my f***** case u b****

  • are you like five years old? you shouldn't even be on the internet!

  • same thing with me.

  • f*** ur ass u make no sense

  • yaluga!

  • wat?!

  • yaluga

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  • honestly i would've already hit you in your face if i was one of your friends cuz i had a buddie who tried to bullie me and sum other friends and i stood up to him and kicked his a$$ all up and down the cafateria

  • ok that really helps thanks for the advice!!!

  • you are infact weaker than them if you need to control them like this, be in their shoes for a day ?? not nice .. you will feel alot better if you bought them a burger or something ?

  • you can stop, just try bein nicer, its your problem not theirs,

    Just think what it feel like if your friends all got together and said "we don't want you hanging around with us anymore cos your an a******" and you were by yourself.

    choice is yours

    Friends and nice

    Attitude and problems no friends

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