I have been sexually abused since the age of 8. My father raped me, my uncle raped me, I was taken out of my house and put in foster care. 3 different foster "dad's" raped me and then several guys I dated pretty much took what they wanted. I am at fault for not stopping it sooner but now I am taking control of this sick life. I am no longer a pin cushion I am now going to be a strong woman who does not need to please anyone but myself. I will not cover for anyone any longer.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I am sorry you did not enjoy all that love. You must be very lovable and men can not resisit. I enjoyed all the love that I got.

  • Its ok to have enjoyed being desired in such a way. Enjoy.

  • I'll ram 8 inches of c*** so far up your tight little a****** that I'll c** on the back of your teeth, you little s***.
    You won't need an abortion after I get done with you.
    You'll need a plumber just to take a s***.

  • Sounds like a hit list. Punch some of them in the face for me please.

  • That's right sweetie, pick your uterus up off the floor, set your face to the sun and stand tall!

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