What is wrong with me?

Why can't I stop loving someone who has treated me like garbage?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^^makes me want to bleed myself out, but yes it's true. i wish it wasn't.

  • Someone once told me something that Ive kept with me thru the years, and now Ill tell it to you.
    We ignore those who adore us,
    and adore those who ignore us.
    We hurt the ones who love us,
    and love the ones that hurt us.

    So very, very true, dont u agree?

  • Women always want their fathers.

  • Because you think you can fix him. Until you realize he is not the man you think he is you will not be able to walk away. Also look at the relationship between your mother and your father (or men in her life, or lack of men in her life). How can you know what a healthy relationship is, unless you have witnessed it?

  • ^Has never dated a woman, had s** with a woman, and only because of the magic of the internet and movies, has seen a woman naked.

  • you're obviously a woman. women for some reason can't help but love guys who treat them like s*** and no matter how many time people tell you to leave that piece of s***, you'll just say things like "oh but he's a really good guy at heart" or " he told me that he's gonna change." so 5 years down the road all your friends and family will abandon you and that "good guy at heart" will find somebody else and leave you with nothing. have fun.

  • Because you're a doormat.
    Next question?

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