I want to throw up when I look at you. I can't get that image of you and that girl out of my head. who you didn't even know, making out in front of an entire room while I looked on from the back of a dirty corner wanting to die. Everyone says I should hate you. I should hate you. But you're the first person I've really liked in a long long time. And that night wasn't just a hook up. For me. I want to believe it didn't mean anything. I want to believe it was an exception rather than a rule. I will be so weak if I do. I still like you so so much. But I should hate you. I'm starting to become more disgusted with myself than with you for even thinking any of this.

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  • They shouldn't have done that. Keep that in perspective. Continue to keep that in perspective. Be honest with yourself that you still want to like this person anyway, and if you do decide to keep it up for some slim hope then do so but stay honest with yourself and always keep things in perspective even if you decide to make strange or wrong seeming choices.

    Cos if you don't and you begin to lie to yourself thus absorbing a false and harmful ideas inside of yourself and your own psychology, you will harm yourself and carry around harmful ideas as a part of yourself.

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