My parents regret having me

I think my parents hate me I mean like every time I try to show them something that I'm proud I did they don't seem to care. If I try to have a conversations with them they say I'm getting on their nerves. I just can't do this anymore the life that I want to live does not include the way my parents ignore me and don't show me that they care. I have tried to runaway but every time I do I get the thought in my head from back when my parents told me and my brothers that if we tried to leave they will call the cops on us.

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  • Well thank you cause now I think I'm starting to understand and if not I know I will when I am ever more mature I'm growing up more and more everyday and I realize it even more now. Thank You.

  • First comment is right on.
    I had the same thing happen to me when I was young. I was never encouraged to really DO anything, other than "stay in school".
    They never told me why.
    I think they were trying to help in the only way they could, but just didn't have a clue.
    You need to develop outside your family. It's obvious they're going to be more of a burden than a help to you. So just hang in there until you're old enough to go it alone.
    By the way, if somebody calls the cops on you for running away, all they do is make out a report.
    Nobody is going to really look for you. They've got too much other stuff to worry about.
    And you can't go to jail for "running away".
    But don't do it. It's cheaper and safer to stay home and let you parents support you until you can break free.

  • I don't know how old you are but it sounds like you are a minor. My parents were also the type to "love" me possessively but seemed to care little about what I liked or the good things that I did (like get good grades, work through high school, and buy all of my own clothes and school supplies). I just want to tell you that once you are a legal adult and can take care of yourself things will be so much better! Stay true to yourself, stick with your opinions, but lay low until you graduate from high school. While they may never become caring enough, you will find people who care about you. Hang in there.

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