I Shouldn't Marry Him

We met this summer... June or July... and got together in September and he moved in right away. He's "away" right now but wants to get married the day he comes home in February. I'm afraid that he's using me, but I'm even more afraid that I'm going to go through with it and actually marry him. He says he loves me. I know he told his family and friends that he loves me and he's going to marry me. I haven't told a soul.

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  • DO NOT MARRY HIM. The fact that you even ask the question should tell you NO. You want to get a divorse, then marry him. Sounds like he's real needy (bad sign for you, abuse in ur future). Look up an earlier post, I think it is titled "the truth" (look it up). I'm a guy, don't be stupid, if he realy wants to marry you, he will wait until you are ready, I did with my wife.

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