The Rise and Fall of Conk The Hagabar

Who is Conk?

Conk The Hagabar is an infamous spammer due to modern post standards Conk used to hang around in the same period has kk (father father o'malley), J (Jay) and Dr. O (the guy who owned the puppy - a victim of the conk spammer) and ? mark guy (probably the same guy who wrote fake on everyones confession) Conk would post a string of confessions that at first seemed real then in the last couple of lines followed it with some jibberish like "Honk it Konk it bonk it" that was the first Conk The Hagabar few years later the Dark KK rised (kk's fault) and Conk dissappeared for good.

years later a Conk Clone rised from the ashes this conk was lot different to his predecessor, he would post a really confession out of the pervious confession database and would post a photoshop picture of Conk the actually singer/ actor/ entertainer Cab Calloway the last picture was titled the "The Last Conk-Fession" featuring the last supper the picture shows all conks allied around a table in front of a laptop conk has jesus, and J kk ? mark guy and Dr.O (this picture can be found on google type something like... " "my last confession" " the picture does imply all this characters are the same person but don't just take my word see for yourself.

The Last Conk was a pure spammer who would just repeat the same words "conk conk conk" and hack the admin they have all been banned and this marks the end of conk in internet culture.

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  • ^ I agree, but you're probably describing yourself also.

  • ^^ LOL, No s***.
    This little m*********** probably has nothing better to do though.
    I mean, look at it this way.
    He can't get any p****, he's tired of whacking off, his mother is on his ass to go out and get a job so he can move out of her basement, he has no friends, since nobody in their right mind wants to hang out with this creep and he's f*****' fat, ugly and not too intelligent.
    All in all, I kind of don't blame him for trying to occupy his time with this bullshit.
    If you were him, can you honestly say you'd rather think about reality??

  • You're putting way too much time and thought into this, bro

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