male flashers

Im a nice lady, nice high-salary job, stable-minded, married, educated and for some reason I love every male flasher I can remember Is there any girls out there who do? Just ONe other?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I am married and a Mom and I loved flashers ever since I saw one in high school. The first one I saw was an old black homeless man. He flashed his erection as I passed by and it got me h****.

  • I'd love to flash at you! I've been a prolific flasher for nearly 40 years and have exposed myself to several THOUSAND men and only about fifty females. I only got in trouble with police when for flashing at females. Why are so many women afraid of such a pathetic & desperate loser as a flasher

  • I was flashed at when coming home from college it was unusual I thought having a man flash at a man, I was passing a disused builders yard,I herd someone shout look hear, I saw a man with his pants down completely exposed and wanking him self off, the first thing I realised was my b**** went tight and my p**** swelled, I was not shocked which I should have been, I kept watching a while, he turned around bent over and exposed his arsehole then walked off pulling his pants up, I was turned on by what I saw,
    I wondered what it would be like to do it, eventually I did it after loss of courage several times, its good to see the shock on some of there faces. KK

  • Hi am also a male flasher , and I enjoy flashing

  • I've been flashing since I was quite young, 7 or 8. Can't say how it all got started but it has always been a thrill like no other. It began with me wearing robes and such when the neighbor girls would come over and then gradually letting the robe fall open while we visited until my c*** was in full view. Later, around age 11, I recall playing hide and seek one night and one of the seekers was a cute older girl from the neighborhood. I began removing my clothes and leaving them in a trail for her to follow to where I was 'hiding' beside a car. Unfortunately, she didn't find me. Seems like girls had a different attitude about looking while you flashed them at that age, actually wanted to watch. Serious flashing began around age 18 when I had been nipping out of a whiskey bottle in my boss' desk at the gas station where I worked and decided to go wait on a female customer with my fly down (went commando in those days). I made sure while I was crouched down behind her car putting the gas in that my c*** was easily visible (and face level) when I went back to get the money from her. That was also the first time I ever went to jail because of flashing. After that it became quite an obsession with me and I have done it many hundreds of times, along with window peeking. Unfortunately, most women don't seem to enjoy seeing a guy j******* in front of them, which I don't really understand. You can bet your ass if some woman wants to m********* in front of me, I'm going to watch until she c***. I also had a few pairs of shorts that were short enough for my d*** to hang out of, which I would wear to a pool and sunbathe with it showing, or go to a fast food place and let it be seen under the table. Like a couple of the other guys here, I don't do this out of desperation - I'm quite good looking, tall and intelligent as well as being a musician and singer. I've literally been with at least 200 women in my time, but there is no sexual thrill like j********** in front of a strange woman. I have only found about 3 girls that got off on watching me. Wish I could find these 2 ladies who posted here - I'd love to stroke my c*** for you. What would you do while you watched? Final note: I used to be really indiscriminate about the women I'd choose to flash, as long as they were female that was good enough. These days I hold out for women who are dressed provocatively. More fun somehow.

  • im a professional well educated male and have been flashing since I was fourteen. I'm told I am good looking. I get on well with women and get plenty of regular s** but theres a real thrill and turn on I get from flashing that I get from nothing else. I'm not a 'trenchcoat flasher'. I'm more subtle making it look like an accident. That way women can watch if they want to or easily ignore and pass of as an accident if its not their thing.
    I often flash from changing cubicles in shops. I just leave the curtain slightly open and that way if a woman wants to peer in she'll position herself to do it and look and if they don't they'll either not notice or just walk on.

  • I’ve flahed ladies in Canada/USA/Thailand/Singapore with mixed results. Not sure why I do it but at with me it doesnt lead to other foolish or alosulting situations. I just like doing it. I’m young atractive and get plenty of girls. Something takes my over espessally when I’m drunk to flash. I sure like hearing about ladies that enjoy...

  • Yes, there's me. I'm another educated, married, stable woman who loves flashers. Don't know why - there's just something fun about it.

  • Wow that is so arousing

  • I live in thailand and when not banging whores i like to flash washroom ladies while they are cleaning public toloits. I get really horey by that and often j******* in front of them. Most watch and like the 8 inch c*** as asains dont get that at home. I f***** a few but that's another story.

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