Is it even possible?

I want you so bad, but you're married. But people cheat all the time. I wonder if you would. You talk to me like you're the kind of guy that would like to have me on the side, but you haven't DONE anything about it.
Do you want me or not? You know you can have me, all you have to do is make a move honey. You know I want you, I don't hide it or anything.

You and I both know it would be amazingly hot.

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  • Yeh this is what the rapo-reaper wants me to say to him, so I got on some gold p*** and hello-yello cream down there and a few times in the last 20 years I imagine that rapo-reaper f****** me as he wants but he never takes me serious that I want him for some reason cuz he knows I will call police as soon as I know its him. but I like to sometimes let him think he is getting what he wants. that way I get to know my limits as well. he doesn't frighten me. and I can j******* to anything and its fine by me. he can get me wet for some other dude to rod me. like before. he is so so lame and weak.

  • Nope, have respect for the guys wife! What happened to girl code! And have respect for yourself, you home wrecker!

  • If he won't make the first move, YOU do it.
    You KNOW what he's thinking.
    Want some help to look inside his mind?
    Try this..............................

    We both lay naked atop the sheets as I lean toward you and begin to lightly brush my lips against your neck.
    You stir as I gently begin to kiss your bare b****** and nipples.
    I move slowly down the center of your body, ever so lightly over your bare midriff toward your navel.
    Your breath and pulse quicken.
    Pausing there, I insert my tongue and just as quickly, remove it.
    My hand is moving slowly up the inside of your thigh, feeling the soft, silkyness of your warm flesh.
    Then, I reach around behind and slip my hand under you, grasping the soft, yet firm buttocks.
    My lips continue their journey down to your mound of Venus, where I pause to inhale the damp, musky s** scent of your womanhood.
    Now, I position myself between your legs and raise your knees to give me better access to your female treasures.
    I wet my finger for lubrication and sliding it between your ass cheeks, begin to gently massage your a***.
    Now, I start to slowly and lightly lick you from the bottom of your l**** up to and around your c*******.
    You shudder and begin to rotate your hips as my tongue probes deeper, harder, smacking and sucking noises fill the room along with your moans and the intake of your breath.
    I feel your c***, like a hard, little marble, sliding from one side to the other as I move my tongue around it in a circle.
    I feel your spinchter muscle pulsing and contracting in your a*** while I struggle to keep my tongue inside you, as you pump against my face.
    Your wet, hot, sticky juices are flowing freely now, out of your body and down onto my finger, still into and massaging your a******.
    You pump and rotate faster and harder now, your moans somewhere between crying and laughing, pain and pleasure, your hips off the bed now, my face covered with your juices, your body shining with sweat, your hands clenched, head pressed back hard against the pillow, hair matted to your forehead, eyes closed, toes begin to curl up tightly......................
    then you scream as you give a last violent, upsurging push toward my face, holding tightly against me for a moment, then, relaxing completely and falling limply back into a sweating, panting heap.
    I slowly raise my head, then lower it again to lick the vaginal juices from your a****** and between your legs.
    Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I am filled with the smell and taste of your female essence.
    I put my head between your legs one last time and give you a warm, wet French kiss on your a******.
    Your eyes are closed..............and you're smiling.
    Life is good.

    Good night, my lovely.


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