Best friends.

You think we're best friends. You've thought that for 2 years. You always think that you're the shizz, but everyone hates you for it. And you're so stuck in your fantasy world, that you dont even know it. You're a b****, you're a poser, you always think you're right and that you always win. You think that everyone loves you and you think that you're the only one in the world that has problems. You get mad and change the subject to YOU when people try to confide in you. You criticize everyone for how they dress, what they say, how they look. You got mad when you asked me to honestly tell you what I thought of you. And I told you the truth, you're a stuckup b****. You still say that we're best friends, and all I really wanna do is hit you in the face.
Your BFF Grace.

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