Please happen to me

I want to get raped SO BAD.
It's all I can think about!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I was sexualized early in life and I loved it. I was never hurt. I don't understand women that don't like making men h**** and needing it. I love s** and always will.

  • its werid for me cuzz i was raped before but i wasnt forced i was seven years old and i didnt have the slightes clue what was going on i was rapped by my step father it was painful but i was told it was nothing bad. as i got older and relized what he had done it has been haunting me i hate him and the world for letting that happen to me i will never get the magical first time bak thank to that b****** but now that im not a virgin any more i want to get really rapped like forced down me fighthing bak but him being stronger than me and over powering me and if its more than one person even better

  • It's happened to me before several times and by the same person, maybe it's different if your enjoy being held against your will, but if you don't, i suggest you think otherwise, people can get very badly physically and mentally destroyed, possibly murdered by the rapist

  • ^ Sorry if I offended you but I wasn't calling you pathetic. I was labeling the idiot who posted "what's your number? ;)" underneath you pathetic, because people who troll other people who have been in those sort of situations are just painfully retarded.

  • oh im the one who has been raped and it was by my grandpa. so you should shut your mouth. because being raped is not a choice. and it sucks. and im not f****** pathetic. and i was just trying to help that person

  • ^ i think people need to have a bit more respect

  • ^ in the end, no matter how gruff sounding, this above poster only ends up looking pathetic.

  • ive been raped and suggest you start thinking about something else because it is awful. and i suffer from ptsd and am clinically depressed and along with the fact i have to take sleeping pills because of the nightmares i have. never wish to be raped. please

  • You may fantasize about it but in reality it would be terrifying. When you fantasize, you're not incorporating all the factors/the true factors that would be present in a real rape. Plus, in a fantasy it doesn't feel any where near as scary or violating because it's you in control. You really need to change this view, it's compromising your character and your perspective on the realities of such things.

  • You are a f****** idiot. Where the h*** is a drunk driver when you need one?

  • I've never driven drunk before, but I'd happily do it if I knew this dumb sow was walking down the road!

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