They knew I had my heart set on it...

Last year, My retired parents managed to scrape up $17,000 to put towards my overseas studies because they knew I had my heart set on it. Instead, I decided to get a b*** job and a new nose. My parents couldn't afford their weekly morgage repayments, so they lost their house. Now, they're living in a cheap motel with nowhere to go. I'm too afraid to fly back over to see them because they'll immediately know where their money went.

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  • Then you need to use those new fake t****** and work in a stop club until you pay every damn nickle back to them. I can't believe what you made your parents go through and you WASTED it on t***. Start stripping. After what they're going through, that's the life you deserve now. Pathetic.

  • take out a loan. No matter how long you spend paying it back, you should.

  • Just one more reason to make the kids pay for their own college education.

    What do you plan to do? Stay away for ever?

    So your b****** actually do define who you are.So does you I.Q.

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