I have a fantastic boyfriend who is smart and funny and cute and kisses me like he'll never let me go. All I can worry about is when he's going to leave me. I read into every detail of everything he does and draw illogical conclusions. I have a huge abandonment complex and I have no idea what to do, how to stop worrying, or how I'm going to live when it finally happens.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ True! They look like each person took a turn at the keyboard.

  • Could this possibly be related to the next confession down?

  • You need to deal with your paranoia. It might be and might have been a reason that you now have this abandonment issue. They feed each other. You'll alienate your love while you withdraw into your own insecurity.

    So show your love and devotion! Do things for him and to him. Affirm your relationship and do more to remind yourself that it is special and you need to be positive about it. Communicate. Make a little mantra about positive reinforcement about your love of your life.

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