my hours have been cut at work and i cant afford mmuch now. ive had a trip planned for months and dont have the extra cash for spending money. i have secretly been taking my moms debit card and going to the store getting cash out to pay for my trip. thing is i dont feel all that bad. she waists her money on diet programs and pills she dosent need so whats a few hundred dollars going to me?

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  • That maybe so,but its your mothers choice to waste her money,on whatever she wants!! How would you feel,if someone you trusted and loved,decided to steal your money and use it for their own convenience?!
    I'm betting,you'd feel like s*** woman!! Especially,now your financial circumstances are "dire!"
    Don't continue to be a selfish,self-centred,deceitful daughter!! If you explained your situation in the first place to your mother,you never know,she may have understood and loaned you the money.However,I don't know the relationship you have with het nd what she is like.I'm making assumptions.But,be honest girl!!
    Trust is easily broken and harder to rebuild.

  • Secretly my ass, your mom probably knows and is too nice to say anything. You suck.

  • How low can you be...........Stealing from your mother?

    AND, it is none of your business how SHE spends HER money !

  • How about selling some of your stuff?

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