I was a 17 year old prostitute

I used to be a prostitute i would post ads on craigslist from when i was 17 to 22 i had s** for money or gave head for money or drugs too with about 50 men and some times i would have a boyfriend who i would live with who would have no idea i was going out with guys i met online and f****** them for cash and i would lie and say i got money from my parents or hide the money i had s** with like 50 year old guys when i was 17 18 19 20 21 22 and why did i stop well because i got sick of all the trouble and fear but if it was easier id keep doing it there is one guy i still see who is like 48 and i am 23 now and he gave me a car and still gives me money i dont do drugs anymore and he is kind of my friend but we have s** and he pays my phone bill and my car payment and he has a wife and 4 daughters around my age im pretty sure my family knows because i used to always have money drugs and no job and they never asked and i used to leave in the middle of the night and come back an hour later when i lived with my mom for a few months and i think my dad knew too i did the same thing when i lived with him but other then that no one knows except for two very close friends who have their own share of secrets yeah probly the worst thing i feel is the fact that some guys i slept with for cash were married with kids and betrayed their families for some p**** from me also when i had no internet i would walk the streets and the very first time i did it i was walking around when i was 16 and some guy pulled up and asked me if i needed money i told him i needed 10 dollars for some weed and i jerked him off and he gave me 10 dollars he was like 40 i was only 16 and then after that i had a friend when i was 17 i would suck him off and he would give me weed and then i started sleeping with guys for drugs then from there it was putting ads on the internet and sometimes when i had no internet i would walk the streets i dont feel bad i did it because hey i had a s*** ton of money which i still have and i got a lot of stuff i needed and i was basically on my own at 17 homeless sleeping in cars so i did what i had to do

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  • This post got me all kinds of turned on! Text me!

  • I admire your tenacity. You are a model of female resourcefulness.

  • You are obviously not very educated. It shows in your writing.

  • Stil a prozzi

  • I did something similar. I'm 20 years old, lost my job a few months ago and needed some extra cash for bills. I decided to scan CL and found a few adds to sell panties, hand jobs, and non sexual fetishes. However I never had oral or s** with any of them. I don't think she should put yourself down for it, but at the same time I wouldn't suggest you make excuses for your actions such as being on your own at 17. Honestly, if you haven't already, get tested. Seriously. I'm glad you're off the drugs and not prostituting anymore... it's easy money and can become addicting because of that. If you ever find yourself in a bind, might I suggest stripping instead? You might feel less guilty morally

  • TEXT ME!!!!!

  • You obviously voted for Obama....good luck, b****.

  • Politics? In here? Really? My advice to her would be to learn to punctuate.

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