i daily find something else i don't

i daily find something else i don't like about myself and i think about suicide everyday. i've attempted it, too but no one knows. i want to tell my best friends but i don't know if they'd understand. they always make fun of people who cut themselves and say how selfish it is to kill yourself.. and as i agree, i still don't think it's funny. i'm depressed.. i'm SO sad. i can't fix it. i want love.

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  • don't do it!!!
    trust me it gets better.
    you will find love, & don't think of suicide your first fight!

    it'll be okay!

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  • people who cut aren't trying to kill themselves.

  • its great to read positive comments guys well done !! and darling i do so hope you find the help you deserve xxxx

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  • thanks a lot. both of you.
    i'll definately seek help. as soon as i work up the courage.
    i appreciate it so much.

  • If you are suicidal, even just thinking about it, on a regular basis, and feel blue or depressed, please go talk to your doctor. You may be bipolar or depressive. There's no way to tell unless you tell your doctor everything especially trying to commit suicide. Being bipoar myself, I can tell you that the best thing to do is seek halp. Before I was diagnosed, most of my friends to me crap like "you just need to think happy thoughts" or your just being selfish or that life is not that bad, just snap out of it and smell the roses. All a bunch of crap. If you or depressive or bipoalr, then you have an organic brain disease that can only be helped with medication. Don't listen to anyone before going to a doctor. I will be praying for you and keep posting here. Also there a lot of groups on yahoo that can help you as well. Good luck.

  • Listen, I was in your shoes once too. Life is not all that bad. You want love...no one will give you more love then yourself. I learned that a long time ago. You are your best freind...Love yourself and someone speical will love you!!!

    FORGET SUICIDE ! It doesn't answe anything. Live, love and be happy!!!!! I LOVE YOU!

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