how do i stop/do i really want to stop

I confess I work for the pastor at our church were me and my husband attend he’s an older man and he’s married too I stop there after my regular job and work for a bout an hour before I go home still he pays me for eight anyway recently we were alone in the office and he came out to let me know he locking every thing up (nothing unusual) when he came back he came behind me and started to massage my shoulders It felt so good I dint stop him then he slid his hand down my shirt and started caressing my tittys still I did not stop him he leaned down and started kissing my neck suddenly he stopped and went into his office I gathered my self together and started back working about 5min later he buzzed me and asked me if I would come in his office I told I would be right there when I walked in he asked me to take a seat I did as I was told he pushed a check over to me already made out for 1,000 dollars and asked me did I need the bonus I told him I dint need it but it would help out a lot he said well I can help you out if you help me out I asked how was I supposed to do that he said let me kiss your p**** and you can have that check I said ok mainly because my p**** was already wet from him fondling my breast earlier he told me to take off my panties and lay on his desk I did first he smelled my p**** long and hard then he dived in and devoured it like it was his last meal I must have came at least 3 times he asked me if he could put his d*** in me I told for and extra 300.00 he could do that he smiled and said I was getting the hang of things opened his wallet and handed me three hundred dollar bills and proceeded to f*** me for like 10 min after he pulled out he went to his bathroom and cleaned up I did the same when he came out I went back to my desk and finished the programs etc. nothing happened for the next few days business as usual I was in the office alone when he called to check on things right before he got off the phone he told me to look in my side drawer in the petty cash box when I opened it there was another check for a thousand I called him to say thankyou and he said no problem I’ll see you tomorrow same place…… I know I’m wrong but DAMN

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Well, judging by it being a church, let alone your both married, i would be explaining to the pastor, that you appreciate the financial assistance, but cant do the extra stuff anymore, think of if your husband was in your position..... and you were the one staying faithful and you found out that he was guilty of such act..... Would you allow it to go on? and vice versa, you both need to realize what is actually at stake just for a good time......

  • So you like being a call-girl?

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