I started dating this guy and made him wait for s**. The first time he saw may p**** he acted like it was so ugly and was checking it out a little more than I was comfortable with. I admit that I have a droopy inner part but so do alot of pornstars and they show it off anyway! Well now he is just kind of distant and has not attempted to go down on me. And oh yes, his friends must know because I can see that they are acting strange like they know a secret. I think I should just get rid of this guy because I can't change my p****. I should tell him that his d*** is not the best I have ever seen!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • im gay and p**** looks gross to me, any type of p**** i dont know the difference between a nice looking one or a gross one either way.. i dont want to go near it....... so... MAYBE HE IS GAY and that is just his excuse to not be near your p****.

  • If you want to go t** for tat, yea. Call him out on his blotchy stinky p****. It still stinks after a shower... stuff like that? Soap resistant s***** or something gross.

    All you can do is keep your bits clean and trimmed. I love l****! This guy is a fuckup and a gossip. He betrayed bedroom trust and is a p**** for doing so. Kick him to the curb if he is so hung up on body image. It is not going to go anywhere from this point now he put up that wall.

    I've seen some seriously sexy l**** and I just love it! My wife has what might be called average, except for a larger than normal hood. It protrudes and I just love swirling it in my mouth. I can make her o***** faster than she can when she masturbates.

    Anyways, off topic there.

    Ditch the guy. You really should not have to gossip back, even if it is so very tempting to try to get back in the same way. But what you can do is approach a friend of his. Just ask what secret they are sharing? The bluntness and embarrassment might get him to spill the beans. That is when you can confront the facts. Yes, you have l****. It is what you were given and you do not have to apologize for anything. So childish of him.

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