I feel so Nasty. I am pregnant, only 7

I feel so Nasty. I am pregnant, only 7 weeks, and I have been eating like a pig. I have been dieting since I am 17 and I am 29 now. I figure since I am pregnant I shouldn't be dieting. But I feel bloated, fat, ugly, and I know it's just the beginning. Don't get me wrong I am soooooooo happy I am having a baby, But I know afterwards I will be a square one with my weight.

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  • You can eat healthy while pregnant, and attend mom-to-be excersize porgrams. You will obviously gain weight from being pregnant, and you can't stop the weird cravings for deep-fried oreos, but hey, that is okay. Pregnancy is the one time in a woman's life when she is allowed to eat whatever she wants, and get fat as h***, and no one can say anything about it! If I were you I would enjoy being fat and lazy for 9 months!

  • If u eat well and at least take 1 walk a day, you probably wont feel so bloated and nasty. Also try to remember that your gonna have to work off a lot more weight if you eat too much the whole pregnancy. Congratulations and good luck!!

  • Eat right and stay as active as you can the entire time youre pregnant. I gained 60 pounds when I got pregnant, just sitting on my ass and eating. Now the baby is out and I still look like crap, stretch marks and all. ry to eat healthy stuff If you get hungry, eat fruits or something low-fat.

  • take it up the butt, solves alot of problems, kay

  • To the first commentor, grow up and you must be an a******, your mother should have kept HER legs closed. My wife felt the same way, but I encouraged her and personally I do not think she has ever been so beautiful as she was pregnant with our son. Do not diet, but eat healthy and breast feeding will help after your child is born. Congrats, and good luck!!!

  • I went threw the same thing! Eat normal and dont stress over it. I gained alot after my son because my husband wouldnt take him so I could exersize. Set up something fun that you could do with the baby. Congrats and good luck!

  • A*******...I am married. This baby has a father. A wonderful one....thanks...

  • Hello, am I the only person who read this all the way through? The woman is 29, not a teenager. My suggestion is to breast feed- a lot! Breast feeding burns up to 500 cals a day and a lot of women get thinner AFTER they have had babies because of this (and the fact that you will be super busy when your baby comes). Soo, don't worry! Just eat normally so you don't gain a ridiculous amount of weight while you are expecting... remember you are not really eating for two, you're eating for you.

  • Didnt anyone ever tell you to keep your skirt down,panties up and stay in a group. Just what the world needs ANOTHER fatherless child born to ditzy teenager.Youll be too busy with the baby to worry about weight.Why dont you grow up and worry about the cost of feeding and raising that baby.

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