I look fatter than I weigh

A little bit of background.. I was 150 lbs about a year ago. I didn't even try losing weight and somehow lost about 15 lbs. 2 months ago I was 135 lbs, did some dieting and went down to 130 lbs then eventually down to 125. I kind of gave up on my dieting and thought that I would gain weight over the course of these last few weeks but every scale I use says I flucuate between 123-125 lbs. I just went and bought a new one because I thought the one at my house was off and it says the same weight. However, i dont feel like i look my weight and im not sure how i managed to keep my weight the same, let alone lose 2 more pounds. I feel that i look somewhat the same way i did when i was 150 and i have no idea how to track my weight if im not 100% sure if these scales are faulty.

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  • This could be a serious medical issue. I don't want to hypothesize, but unexplained weight loss is worth following up with your doctor.

  • I weigh more than I look, which I'm grateful for :-)

  • It's a common myth that loosing weight is visibly noticeable *only* in the stomach region. You loose weight in different ways; thighs, buttocks, and even your b****. If you don't notice a difference, despite what the scale reads, then you could be loosing weight in different areas. It depends on what exorsises you do, and what your diet consists of. Dieting and exorsising together make for a quick way of loosing weight- and usually, it's quite noticeable.
    Then again, you did bring up the fact that it could be the scale. If you have reason to believe that's true, then i suggest buying a (new?) scale, and avoiding the ones found at the gym and doctor's office. Those scales are sometimes rigged to seem like you have gained weight. I'm not saying that this is the problem. I'm just bringing it up with the intentions of helping you out.

  • I just bought a new scale a few days ago, now sure if it's faulty or not. It's just so frustrating because I can't tell on my body if I'm making progress & I apparently can't rely on the scale

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