hi hello bye

ive never been so depressed in my life

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I'm fighting depression and suicide too. My advice is stay around people in general as much as possible. If you have friends to be around then this helps even more. It doesn't even matter to me if i don't even speak to them about what's going on, because i can't speak about it. But it's just that i know that they're there for the time when i am ready to speak about what went down. In the meantime, they know nothing, and this is how i want things to be. They save my life everyday, and friends can save yours too (:
    Lots of love,

  • I woke up depressed this morning on the couch because I couldn't stand sleeping next to my husband. All of a sudden I smelled a skunk smell outside and the first thought in my head was well, at least I'm not sleeping outside where the skunk could have gotten me. I guess that's a good mantra. "At least I'm not sleeping where the skunks can get me."

  • Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Get outside and go for a walk. Try and smile and say hello to people you pass. I was feeling bad after a broken heart and my mom dying. I was standing on a train platform (no I wasn't going to jump). Of all people I looked over and made eye contact with a baby in a stroller. He gave me the biggest smile and I could not help but smile back. It may sound lame but it lifted me. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life, like a twinkle of light in darkness.

    I am not sure why you are depressed, a broken heart, medical issues etc? Life can be hard and lonely. Don't isolate your self too much. I have had similar feelings. I am not saying life is wonderful now but it is better for me. Also I sponsored a little girl in a third world country. If I kill myself she may not get food, it makes me feel good to help her, and in a distant way someone needs me.

  • `Try and smile and say hello to people you pass.'
    - sometimes, u just dont hv freedom to do anything u want, even the positive n lovely. if u r female, u dont step out n smile n say hello to `everyone' or else u'll be in trouble attracted some weidos n junkies

  • Lmao you guys are trying to get this person to commit suicide by adding to it.

    Hey! Look at me, turn that frown upside down! Draw a face on your belly and make the belly button the mouth and the nipples the eyes, that always works.

    Depressed? I saw my best friend die, just saying... There's ALWAYS someone worse off than you my friend, a.) you can choose to see the good or b.) be a moody person there-by infecting others with your depression. Make the choice to live because depression is a downward spiral and it gets much worse if you feed it. Its a messed up world, write your own chapters and make sure you write it well with a nice ending, ok? I wish you the best.


  • Try getting the blood moving. There may be some physical reasons why you are experiencing depression, mild exercise can help. Make sure you are eating healthy. Is your blood sugar level low? That can really tank a persons emotions.
    Get enough sleep. Do not harm yourself or others.
    I understand depression and how it can be overwhelming.
    Hang on. Talk to someone about it first, a friend, a doctor.
    Try these basic things first to deal with physical triggers.
    If it doesn't help talk more with a doctor, they may be able to help you - there are so many things available that can help.
    Hang on. You're more important to more people than you know.
    You will look at things differently when you are not depressed.

  • You're depressed, too? I hate it but I can't seem to help myself from spiraling downward. :/

  • I hope whatever is bothering you gets better.

    I'm in a similar boat, and its not easy. If there's someone you trust, talk to them about it. If there's no one to listen, keep posting on here for support.

    Please keep fighting.

  • Smoke some pot and chill the f*** out, if you havent already offed yourself. Go down to a park, preferably by water, with a bunch of weed and leave your phone at home. Trust me, by the end of the day things will become clearer and when you awake the next morning don't smoke anything, just reflect on your thoughts. Im not kidding and this made me and my friend at seperate times reconsider something stupid, theres always another day and usually when it rains it pours but it gets better, now go find some dope.

  • Pot is the only medicinal cure that's cured my depression. No man-made drugs helped. I think prescription drugs just cause more problems. Use what God gave us. There's a cure for every illness in nature. We just don't use them as a society b/c we can't make money off plants - they can't be patented!

  • I used to get depressed a lot too. I take Cymbalta now and it is INCREDIBLE. I could not attribute it to ANYTHING in my life and determined that it was simply a chemical thing.

    When you feel down...make a concentrated effort to think only about positive things. DO NOT let yourself focus on ANYTHING negative for the day.

    Ask you doctor about Cymbalta...seriously. I used to take Zoloft but after a couple of years it just wore off and quit working.

    Hang in therE

  • I'm battling with depression as well, and I hear you. Please talk to someone if you need help, or call 911 if you think you're going to put your life in danger. I know having all this advice come from strangers might not be the most reassuring thing right now, but please know that things get better, and this depression isn't your fault. There's always someone out there who benefits from your presence, and there'll always be someone who would miss you if you left.

  • no. people will forget you eventually.

  • youre a little cockbiter hey?

  • every one goes through depression one time or another in their life but it is how you deal with it that matters, rally with friends, pray about it have faith in the future, believe in you - you are special in your own way.

  • Talk to someone. Call a friend you haven't seen in a while. That's what I did. We met up for lunch one day, and I'm pretty sure he saved my life.

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