I'm sorry

I was in love with you, I still love you. I know I cheated on you years ago, I was lik 15 or 16. I'm older now and I know what I did wrong. I grew up. I really am sorry. you stayed with me after that, I don't know why you changed. I'm a good person. And I haven't lied to you since. I was young and stupid, can't you see that? I'm a different and better person now. I still love you, you don't know how much I need you. I don't wanna live without you.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Move on, you sad f*ck.

  • Huh. And I thought 15-16 year olds were like totally grown up and mature. At least, that's what you little retards want those of us who know better to think-- right up until things don't go your way, usually due to your own stupidity.

    Then it's "WAAAH! Don't judge meeeee! I'm just a kid!!!!"

  • When you cheated you showed him what you are like a s***

  • Move on he sees you as a dirty w**** and guess what

  • Honestly, you f***** up when you cheated with him... Clearly he sees you as a different person... There is nothing you can do to change that, so i suggest you just move on.

  • Make him go out with you against his will

  • Suck his d***... It'll make him feel better.

  • Please comment and tell me what you think :-/

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