I lost my virginity at 11. This was

I lost my virginity at 11. This was normal where I grew up. I'm about to graduate from college now and for the past four years I've been lying and telling anyone who's asked that I lost it at 14.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ha AGREE ^

  • losing your virginity at 11 is not normal anywhere, unless you live in f****** india. you are a w****, and you need to accept that.

  • You should not feel bad, me and all my friends lost ours before 8th grade. And no that does bbot make uaa s****, I have never been pregnant or had an std. If you are embarassed, go head and keep lying, it is nobody's business anyway.

  • so what nobody's business anyway.

  • Take up masturbation.

    It does the soul good.

  • W****

  • I try to live by the motto 'Don't do anything that you will be ashamed to tell the world." Face it, you were out f****** when you should have been playing on a swing set somewhere and you feel bad about it because you know that ain't normal. Now you're turning into a liar, so ya feel bad about that too. Change your ways befor you end up with 10 kids and an STD.


  • ....i've watched p*** since third grade

  • like 14 is any better ???? come onnnn anyway a lady never tells so dont say anything anymore
    then no one can judge...because they always will, even if you waitied till you got married to do it !

  • 11 isn't normal anywhere, s***

  • 11, 14, 19, 25, whats the deal, ya got dicked, so what.

  • If you are going to lie, why not tell everyone you lost your virginity at 16 or 17, which would add a little more credibility. However, lying is never a good idea, and when you meet the right guy, what are you going to say? Sometimes lying can get you into a real trap. Good luck.

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