13 inches in the office.

I usually work front desk at a hotel. But lately they have been putting me in the main office doing reservations. I work in the evenings so I'm the only one in the office after 5pm. until 10. I suppose I'll start this confession by telling you my boyfriend has a 13 inch c***. The other day I had him come to the office after everyone left, it had just been a bad day.
We started making out and I felt his huge c*** getting hard, I went down and sucked him off for a good twenty minutes, the phone started to ring. While I was speaking with a guest on the phone about making a reservation, I felt my boyfriend behind me lifting up my skirt and sliding my panties off. He bent me over my desk and slid inside me, all while I was still on the phone. The minute his huge c*** was inside me it took all the will power I had not to start moaning over the phone. After I had quite successfully made a reservation, and hung my boy and I continued to f***.... He pushed me ontop of my desk ripped open my blouse. I spread my legs as wide as I could, I think because I was at my place of work and it felt so naughty the f*** was a million times better. I came and I came and I came. He f***** me from behind, he ate me out and then f***** me some more. We f***** on my GMs desk, we f***** on the accountants desk. After I had c** multipal times. It was his turn... He carried me to the last desk we had not touched, the whole time he was still inside me. This was the front desk managers area. A man who I HATE... I mounted the bastards chair, and had my boyfriend stick his huge c*** in my ass. He thrusted so hard it almost hurt, he pulled my hair and slapped my ass. I came again! After a few more slaps and a few more o****** from me he pulled out and came all over the mother f****** chair. My boyfriend is my hero. Not only does he have a 13 inch c*** and he makes me come multipal times.... but he blew his load on my bosses chair..! Yep. My hero.

Jul 23, 2010

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  • I've noticed with every coworker / lover I've been with at my or their work that s******* on the hated coworker/bosses desk or chair is standard.

  • Love that 13" in my ass

  • A thirteen inch c*** would be longer than your m************ forearm. All of these confessions are a load of bullshit- which sound like they were written by ten year old's. F****** h***. The average woman can only comfortably take 5-6 inches at best. Anything above that gets a little damaging. I dread to think what thirteen inches would do!

    *walks off muttering*


  • no one has 13 inches. Measure it on its top, not the bottom.

  • Well, I once answered the phone while a next-door neighbor(one of my mom's friends)hungrily sucked me off! I was almost 17, my parents had to go out of state, for a family illness. My mom had asked Sherri, to check in on me, while they were gone. Boy, did she ever!! As I spoke to my mom, reassuring her I was ok, Sherri, was working away on me. I actually blew my load down her throat, as mom was telling me "I'd better behave, Sherri was keeping an I on me for her" I thought, she sure is!
    That woman f***** and sucked me from the moment my parents left, for five days. Until they returned. As well as many,many more times afterward. She loved young c**, I know that! Gallons!! If I could only go back....lol.

  • I once finger-f***** a woman in my office while running a conference call. Did it a few times actually. It was incredibly hot. But guilt took over - she's married happily with three kids so we stopped.

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