I like to be insulted

I am a 26 year old woman who happens to have rather small **....
I'm a 34A, and even though I'm a bit self conscious about my **, I STILL really like them. They're small, but I think they're great.

ANYway, I submitted a pic of them to some **-rating website, and got VERY negative responses from the mostly big-** man audience there. They were brutal, saying really MEAN things.

And I LIKED it.

It got me off to read all of these piggish men insulting my **. I even masturbated while reading their comments, and I've been sending MORE pics of my ** to the site, just to receive more. Sometimes, I'll email a ** shot to one of the comment people.

Turns out, I like being insulted.

Is that messed up?

Next Confession

I kinda wanna...

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  • You'd probably like being slapped around a little too. Or spanked bare bottom. While other people watch.

  • Last month,I slept with my girlfriend's relative.She has very tiny ** but her ** are very sensitive.I loved sucking and caressing them.

  • I am imagining your ** and I think you look like a 14-year-old boy. Some guys are into that but those tiny things do nothing for me. I want a pair I can admire, ** ** and such. Your type does nothing for me. Did that turn you on?

  • It is not abnormal, sick, etc. Freud would trace it back to some improbable and dubiously sounding family trauma. As long as you function normally and there's no social distress because of this, you're quite fine.

  • I like smaller **, but I just like all **. But the smaller ones can be very ** too, big ** tend to sag and that is'nt too cool. By the way getting turned on by insults is a minor fetish. I've heard of much worse...

  • what website is this? i would like to see what they are talking about, maybe i can insult you too if that helps

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