What am i supose to do?

I met mmy best friend at girl scout camp one year. we were the bestest of friends, or so i though. about a year and a half after we met, we just stopped talking to each other. we got into a huge fight and at that time i was going through a rough patch in life and i took it out on her, it didnt mean or want to but i did.

i dont think she ever really forgave me. but just a few weeks ago i decided to email her, just to see how she was doing. she told me what she did this summer and so did i. earlier this summer i turned to drugs to ease the pain of what i was going though with my family, and other stuff. i told her about that and now she looks down on me and she calls me a liar. when i first met her i did have problems but since then ive gone to counseling and worked on my problems, and most of them have been solved.

i no longer lie to make people like me better. i have controlled my anger problems and i have been clean of drugs for 4 and a half months. she doesnt know that and if i tell her i dont think she will ever believe me. My mom had once told me that she wasnt a good person for me and now i think i believe her. but i miss her so much. what do i do?

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  • Well you certainly have come a long way. I am glad to see you have some clean time. Keep it up. As far as your friend and your relationship with her goes. You have reached out to her and made contact, you have shown that you are a changed person. If she can't be adult enough to forgive and forget you are better off to walk away from the relationship again. I would give her one more oppertunity. Tell her that what happened is in the past but if she can't let it go you are willing to live without her friendship. If you have truly changed you will make new friends. Yes there is pain in knowing that you can't renew that friendship, but time truly heals our wounds. Good luck and keep on with your new life.

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