i've had this best guy friend for

i've had this best guy friend for awhile. when we first met, we liked eachother and all that cute stuff. eventually it ended and he met other girls, and i didn't care. now we're best friends, and whenever he talks to any of my friends[girls, of course], i get mad and jealous and it kills me, and i feel bad but i dont know what to do. i also have this best friend, who he met awhile ago, and he liked her for some time as well. they dont anymore, butt they can't hangout alone because they know how much it p***** me off, but it only really hurts me inside because i have no idea what they would be doing. i think i still have feelings for him , butt he's such a d*** it doesn't matter anymore. i dont know if i should just keep trying to fix our friendship of him blowing me off for other girls, or if i should let it go, because every time i think things are going to get better they just get worse.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • If you want to get over this guy, you can't be friends with him. If he is such an a******, then stop hanging out with him at all! And, if you agreed to being strictly friends, then you have NO RIGHT getting mad over his love life. If you want him, you need to be clear and tell him. Otherwise, leave the guy alone!

  • Girl, let him go and dont look back. He's only going to hurt you time and time again and only if you let him. Your feelings for him are irrational and your not using your mind when you think about him. Try to move on. Find someone who really cares about you because as long as he knows you care, he will hurt you subconsciously by doing things that he knows you cant take because he is a BOY!
    MOVE ON!

    ~Mrs. Tell It Like It Is~

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