He is 25 years older and married

He is older than me... i play with his kids in the pool... sometimes i even babysit them.... i am 17 and he is 42. He started paying me to flash him... and now we have been involved without the exchange of money...he is growing on me and i know im growing on him... he shows affection in his texts... but im still the other woman... and only 17.



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  • Yeah, what he is doing is not right.

    The power dynamic is off balance. Find a relationship where the power dynamic IS balanced.

  • in 10 years you will be 27 and he will be like 50 think of that before you do anything else with him. Let me guess you have daddy issues. Your daddy doesn't give you any attention and this old f*** does or your dad left when you were 4 or something. Go after guys your own age. This guy that is paying to see you b**** and trying to have a sexual relationship with you is a perv.

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