Frustrating True Love

I'm falling in love with someone I can never be with. Millions of girls just love him for his looks and they THINK they love him, but I have been in love before, and I know this feeling. I had a dream last night that we were together and it felt so right. I wish you knew who I was. I love you more than anything. And I know you worry about a girl cheating on you or breaking your heart or taking all your money, or using you for your fame but I swear to you I would never even THINK about it. I just want you. I don't want your money or anything. I just want you. I wouldn't care if we were homeless. It'd be just fine. For the rest of my life. And I won't ever mind that you're away all the time. I love you. and I want to sing alongside you on stage and in my heart forever. Maybe one day. I think you're incredibly amazing, and I just can't get over how I've never met you before. It makes me so sad that we might never meet. So I'm picking up my music career and trying really hard to make it fly. So maybe one day we can sing together and meet. But of course I'm gonna sing for myself. I may not be a beautiful super model, but I hope if we meet, you can see past that. This is my secret love letter to you. I love you Justin Drew Bieber. And I'm not ashamed to say it. (Even if this might seem crazy...)

Next Confession

What am i supose to do?

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  • Too bad he's in love with my cousin. His own words, actually.

  • wtf you are a ** maniac!

  • let me guess you are like 12. what ever you go girl! You get that bieber!!!!

  • I don't think you're in love. It's chemical love, just hormones reacting within your brain due to his looks and what you think of him. Sorry, but it's basically just attraction and infatuation.

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