I Do it whenever however

I have the urge to m********* as an when ever i feel the need it really doesnt mater where i am. I was at work on a night shift and my colleauge popped out to get some food from the Local Chip shop, I couldn't resist as it was just me and her on shift I lifted my skirt and removed my knickers and sat with my legs open and masterbated frantically i was so wet and h**** i c** in seconds...I did it twice more whenever she went to the toilet or on a walk round.

I was sitting in the bank waiting to see an advisor and i made myself c** using the seam from the inside part of my jeans inbetween my legs by letting it rub against my p**** when i crossed over my leg and rocked my leg ....I was in complete control knowbody ever knew.

I the way to a wedding and was sat in the back of a friends car with two boxes of wedding presents on the back seat next to me and i hasd a bouquet of flowers on my lap i was wearing a short dress and managed to somehow slip my finger deep in to my p**** and enjoy the duration of the 30 minute journey without being caught red handed...I really love it.

Aug 26, 2010

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  • I am a female and I have only masterbated once at work. I work in a hotel and I clean rooms and tidy them for new guests. One of the rooms was made into two separate rooms meaning there is a false door in the middle which cannot be opened, One day i was in there cleaning and i heard some noises coming from the room next door. I put my ear to the door and I heard a woman telling a man she was ready to be done. I then heard them starting to have s** you know the noises Grunting groaning I went and closed the door to the suite and carried on listening...It wasnt long before my fingers were deep and i was dripping from my p**** as i could hear her being f***** hard we both came at the same time. When i finished i carried on working..LOL

  • People know. They just don't say anything because it's a turn on.

  • I m********* at work too I work in a car show room as a receptionist I work on my own as the account and supervisors all work in a portacabin at the back of the Building, If anyone comes in I hear the Entrance door Bleep and thats my que to stop what i am doing. There are no cameras and I am left to my own devices every day, it get quite boring. I offten slip my hand up my skirt and give myself a quickie ...I love it xxx

  • I like doing this also I regular m********* at work it helps pass the time away. I work in a small distribution office and I have to be there to take calls from our Drivers who are out on the road. I work alone and sometimes i can be left to get on with paperwork for hours uninteruppted. Last week i was aiting for the company manager to call me back and I was sitting with my finger inside me when he called we had a chat about the weather and usual boring s*** whilst i was flicking away.

  • My wife has experienced the seam style o***** while cleaning windows at work. Lucky.

  • If we ever meet, remind me not to shake your hand. Hope you don't work in any job that involves food preparation.

  • dirty little f*****.

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