Thinking of you...

.....How you make me c** first..I have been thinking of you a lot more of you lately. I said I am leaving but you came over and said you were not going to let me go you said that I would miss this if I left. You then kissed me in a loving way you took my pants off and got on your knees and licked my p**** made me c**.You always make sure I am satisfied first. Why would you do that I have already said good bye but you would not let me. I told you we should either break it off or come clean about or love life since its caused a lot of issues with your family your not married but no one likes me. I have not left yet because you have showed me you love me no matter what they say you say that when the time is right we will tell every one we are together and not to break it off. You hold me tight and kiss me good night and say things will work out not to worry.I love you! We have been seeing each other and having wonderful s** it has been great you always make sure I c** first then some times leave after I do.I some times get to c** two or three times while you eat my p****. Then ask if I would suck your d*** or let you f*** me. No man ever done that before I am not use to being the one who c*** first.

Feb 12, 2013

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  • Are you in a relationship? i dont exactly understand. are you looking for advice? it sounds like you're pretty happy

  • Don't confuse s** with love. He doesn't really care two donkey craps about you...he just wants the poon tang. You should find a man that not only likes the boom shakalaka, but also loves you like you deserve.

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