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So, I'm asexual, meaning no ** drive. I also don't like relationships, but I still like going on dates and get occasional crushes. This is one of them: a friend of mine who's helped me out so much over the last week. He's funny, nice, obviously cares about his friends, all the good stuff, plus cute (bonus!). I'd like to go on a date with him, but I'm old fashioned and want HIM to make the move, which I don't see him doing because he probably views me as just a friend. On top of that, his friend likes me and has asked me out. Awkward much? I feel bad for the friend. He's nice, but not what I like, but my crush is, so now I'm stuck. What to do? Swallow my pride and make a sort of move or just emotionally run away? Too much high school in college, but regardless, help?

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  • Are you sure that you have no ** drive? These things are all part of **.

  • So when he DOES make a move and looks to cuddle on a couch with a movie on... what will you do if he caresses your chest?

  • Your the director of your life..if you what to go out with him,ask him..if he says no then you know hes not interested and after a short time youll forget about him.. but if he says yes then you get what you do something
    ps:let me know how you decided

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