i'm in love with a gay guy and i'm a

i'm in love with a gay guy and i'm a straight girl. ahhh.
i act like i am just his bestfriend, but i've fallen in love with him. i don't know what to do....

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  • Maybe you can change him.

  • let it go before you get too emotionally involved, HE IS GAY!!!! Or, become a man!

  • uhhhh sleeping with him is probably NOT a good idea. you don't know where he's been.

  • being gay is a choice. People make a decision to be gay. Sleep with him and change his mind.

  • oh... gosh that must so suck... but what you can do is try to get close to him like emotionally and get to the point in where you can kiss him let him know that a girl like you can change his mind of being gay.... trust me that works i've been trough that....

  • oh my god. being gay is not a choice. you can't change him.. accept him, or continue to be the s***** pretend best friend you're currently being.

  • i saw this on will and grace once. buy a strap on, dress like a man, encounter him drunk at a party, and ram him hard till he drops. once he realizes that it was you delivering that polycarbonate plastic love punch to the prostate, he'll see that he's straight. i think it was in the 3rd season finale, if you want to rent the dvds to see how grace does it exactly.

  • Nothing that you can do about it really. And that isn't a choice. Thats what he is attracted to. Make sure it isn't that you just want him cuz you can't have him though. That happens to a lot of us.

  • He could be bi or just going through an experimental phase. If not, you'll probably never change him. If he is, go for it!

  • i know that it's a choice.. but he won't choose to be attracted to me because he LIKES GUYS. :(
    i talked to him though.

  • There is no such thing as being gay,its a choice,a perversion.You CAN change him.I have a gay friend and he has made it very clear that he made the choice to be gay.Check out "homosexual urban legends"

  • I'm sorry but your gonna have to come to terms with the fact that he'll never be physically attracted to you, it's hard to hear but you have to hear it. You can only be there for him as a friend, and same with him for you

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