My name is Adam and I'm in love with a

My name is Adam and I'm in love with a girl named Milly, but I don't think she'll have me. Every time I tell her how much I love her she calls me stupid and tells me that I'm out of her league. I cry a lot about it, and one time she saw me but she just laughed. I can't let her go because I know she loves me too... secretly.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Yeah, keep telling yourself that!

  • yeah, you sound like the gayest guy on earth. most guys are right back to hunting more p****, ya p****!!!

  • you sound like a p****

  • sounds like a b****

  • she might not care for you like u think she does if she does care for u like that then she would be jealous if u were with another gurl so when she is watching go up to another gurl and kiss her right on the lips and see how milly reacts

  • you should touch her b*** and see how she react's

    not really an advice but should be fun :)

  • someone who loves you wouldnt laugh at you when your are just an ego boost for her...she is a sad person...your better than that move on

  • umm yeah idk she sounds like a b****. i once loved this boy and he was just a big meany to me now i've realized that i wish i just stopped tlaking ot him and beings his would of saved me alot of hurt....idk talk to her like really sit down with her and if shes still like that idk what else to tell you?

  • yo, I think you should go up to her and say ur a fauckin b****, and you should go up to another lady and say u love you.

  • ur a wierdo fishie mann!!!!
    u sound like my x

  • do you want your relationship to always be with her having the upperhand on you?

  • how do you know she loves you

  • does she secretly like to make u feel horrible too?? forget her

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