Do I really want to?

I have a bit of an a*** fetish.. i love regular s** and p**** is number one, but im attracted to her a****** so much! the feel of it, the tightness, and the smell (which isnt bad). we've had a*** s** a few times and its fantastic, no condom needed and she doesnt mind me c****** in her butt.
often when we're lying in the sixty nine position, and im munching on her t***, her tiny little b******* is right there in my face and i find myself just wanting to lick it and f*** it with my tongue. im too scared to do it, she might think its weird. im sure im not alone on this..

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  • I do as well, my wife loves it!

  • do it!! i love having my bf lick my a******. if she has let you stick your c*** in her ass, you better believe you can lick it:P she is going to want it every time after that!!

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