The thing I hate the MOST about myself.

I am a pretty 20 year old Puerto Rican/Black girl. I have a nice body, big b****, nice ass. I love all of these things about myself except that I have dark acne scars all over my back. I live in San Diego and never wear tank tops and hardly ever wear a bikini. I always hide my back when I get naked or get with a guy. Sometimes I cry because I don't think they will ever fade away enough to the point where I am comfortable with myself. I wish I could go back in time and save my skin but I can't.....

Oct 17, 2010

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  • hey if you are a pretty girl and have nice b**** and an amazing as and and a slender figure no guy gives a s*** about acne scares you are sweating the small stuff you are a lucky girl s*** Ill bone you!!!

  • No but you can start now and take care of your skin. Wear hats, don't stay in the sun for prolonged periods of time and always wear sunscreen! I'm guessing you mentioned your nationality because the scars you have are darker on your darker skin. As for men, they won't care about your scars. They'll be just happy to be with you. But understandable about how something like that can make you self conscience. Go see a dermatologist, they can either prescribe some fading creams (ask about hydroquinone) and there's also new laser treatments for acne scars now that can be very successful. It may be expensive (upwards from $300), but it could be covered under your medical plan. I have also heard that vitamin e oil may also help a bit. Treat your self to facials and back facials. Exfoliating is also good too. But speak to a professional first.

  • There's nothing you can do, just own it.

  • Guess what a-hole Puerto Rico is a U.S commonwealth so technically it is part of America. There is douche baggery written all over your comment because clearly she is referring to her ethnicity not race...not that your ignorant ass would know a difference. Why don't you offer some words of encouragement instead of trolling LOOOOOSER.

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