Im Tall

I am a girl, and a sophomore in high school. I am 6 feet tall. People are always telling me how pretty i am, and that i should get into modeling. They always say how lucky i am to be tall, and how they wish they were. But they dont, and they shouldnt. I hate it. I want a guy to accept my height, and ask me out. I just want to feel wanted. I dont know how much longer i can handle it. Advice? please help.

Oct 21, 2010

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  • I am 6'1", 205# I met this tall redhead one day, she was 6'3", 165#. Stacked is a word that fits. . That was all great, but on dates she insisted on wearing high heels, which made her 6'6". .
    While she was fun and I did like her, towering over me when walking along or dancing was intimidating, and people would often make wisecracks.
    I finally broke it off with her, BTW: She today is a rather well known basketball player, makes piles of money.
    Another thing, it was interesting with her in bed, she had legs that could wrap around me completely.

  • Oh my gosh... enjoy your height! When I was in high school, I was the shortest of all of my friends. I'm 5'3, and all of my friends were close to 6'(seriously!!)! We're all women and still friends today. I remember they would all hunch over to appear shorter, I have to stand on tippy toes sometimes. We always want what we can't have. In any case, they have since learned to love their respective height. The own it. Lots of pluses to being tall - you have the greatest seats at concerts and in bars (you're too young-but wait..). Men love tall women. Go for the modeling if your parents would allow it and that's what you want. The boys in your high school may be intimidated. But if you can smile, they'll know that you're approachable. But you're also a sophomore..plenty of time for love and boyfriends.. Give it time. You'll find someone special.

  • Hey girl, I'm 5'11, so you've got an inch on me, but we can probably both say that we've always been the tallest girls in our class. I get pretty insecure about my height too; I'm always afraid guys won't be into me because my height makes me look imposing. In pics with my friends, I always crouch so I don't jut out like a beanstalk. But don't worry: it gets better. I got a boyfriend my senior year, with no awkward height difference, and I bet I'm not half as gorgeous and graceful as you are :D I'm a freshman in college now, and the first week I was here, I couldn't help but point out every tall guy I saw. Seriously,I did it like it was a sport-- "Look, a seven-footer over there!" There's even a 6'5 guy that lives on my floor, and people want us to get together because we're so tall.
    So, own it. Wear four-inch heels if you want, and the only way you'll be described as is beautiful and statuesque. Take a shot at modeling, and then you won't ever have to worry about getting a guy. At some point, we'll both have to come to terms with our height; for now, we can take comfort in knowing that we'll always be able to reach the top shelf while the shorties have to jump ;)

  • Im sure you will meet somebody... tall and handsome! don't worry! maybe you really should get into modeling... use your chance and try your luck... best wishes.....

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