Dont want anything to do with you anymore.

Once, I thought you were my best friend ever. We used to be together all the time. How long has it been since then? Not long. I am seriously TIRED of you pushing me around because I'm too nice to fight back. You think it's funny, but for once you have to think about the consequences of your actions to another person. You have to think how it makes that person feel. When you started ditching me and hanging out with your cool, popular friends, you didn't think about how I felt. You insulted me because you thought it was a joke. You didn't know how much those comments about my clothing, my race, my athletic abilities, and my appearance hurt me inside. It made me feel horrible and you thought it was damn funny. You also think its funny when you make fun of me and insult me in front of all your popular friends and they all laugh at me. After not talking to me the whole summer, you think that we can be fine again and you try being all sweet to me. I'm not falling for that again like I did in 5th grade. And you're asking me if I want to hang out with you this week? Sorry, I'm busy. I don't care about you and all those popular friends. I don't want anything to do with you - you live your own life, I live mine. I'm sorry that we can't be friends anymore. I really used to think we would be best friends for life.

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