I f***** a boy in the park. Not a

I f***** a boy in the park. Not a regular park, but a park in the woods, some wat. near a creek. i lost my virginity to him, nd now we dont even go. Im only 14.

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  • Haha...I'm not the only one then. Good times.

  • wow, that must suck to lose it in the outdoors!!! all those bugs and s***. . .check to make sure you don't have poison ivy!!

  • is this sam?

  • s**** grow up to be whores

  • agree with the first post.
    same f*****' experience.

  • s***.
    but seriously,
    remember dont regret.
    if you regret, you gonna get mighty old then look back and say 'h*** i was a fuckup wasnt i?'

  • loser... i hope you rot in h***.

  • i know how you feel. i lost mine the same way. it's a horrible feeling but you can't change the past. just get up and keep going and don't let other guys use you for s** now that you've lost your virginity.

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