Strange places

I have been having trouble fingering myself off at home for awhile now. I'm 22 and in university and have been super stressed.i find myself rubbing one out on the subway, or in public bathrooms. But now I'm always looking for stranger places to do it. I dont even want to hide it anymore. I feel this urge to do it in a park or something infront of someone. My bf is such a stiff. I asked him if we could have s** in a different place and he said like on the couch. I want a real man. A man that will take me somewhere and bend me over and fo what he wants to me no matter who's around. Maybe we go to a park in the evening, and there's a couple of guys on a bench and we sit across from them and I pull out my mans c*** and start sucking infront of these guys then let them watch as I get f***** in the ass while I stare at them. I might never have the urge to do it, but fingering in public gets me so wet.

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  • My girlfriend loves to have s** out in public. It's her favorite thing!

  • Those sudden, hot, intense moments in public are always great! Spent my last wedding anniversary out to dinner and then a sit on the beach at night that turned out to be a quickie out in the open for anyone with a keen eye. Best anniversary so far!

  • Do it in front of me, and I'd probably c** in my pants... always wanted to watch a woman m*********

  • I love hearing that girls have this fetish too. Love showing my c*** to random strangers

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