Love streetwalkers

I'm married but love picking up streetwalkers on the way home for a quick b******. It's so exciting, especially since it's SO wrong for them to let them do it bare and c** inside their mouths

Nov 22, 2010

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  • have fun with STDs

  • I love herpes too.

  • I have picked up hookers before and yes it is very exciting i love the fact i can just get off and leave, but im not into the making them cry or any s*** like that.

  • So it's fun to degrade and humiliate women and do things against their will and/or take advantage of their vulnerabilities? You are all sick fucktards and I hope one day you know what it's like to be on the receiving end of the degradation and abuse. Those girls/women could be being forced to do this, have a baby/kids to take care of and I don't believe they're all crackheads. Lots of runaways end up on the streets. Hope YOUR daughter/sister/mother or whatever has never been a victim of a s***** like any of you. Filthy pigs!

  • H*** yea its fun to totally own a woman's ass like that, especially against their will or better judgement. If she isn't saying "No" who cares about these c**** are feeling.

  • I couldnt agree more, i love picking up hookers paying them 50 bucks them slamming their heads up and down on my c*** until they gag. I especially love the ones new to the streets my favorite of all time was this cute young blonde girl i picked up i paid for a bj and gave her some extra to let me finger her a****** i could tell she didnt want to but really needed the money. During the bj she actually started to tear up and for some reason it turned me on so much i told her to get ready i was c****** she started to pull away but i held her head down and came down her throat, she jumps out and starts puking on the street i drove off laughing thinking what a sick f*** i am. I j*** off thinking about it all the time.

  • I love the new ones too. I offered to give a new girl 100 for a*** and she coulden't believe how much i was giving her. She accepted and i could tell she never had a*** before. She was in a lot of pain and actually started crying. But since she didn't tell me to stop I kept going. Its not rape until she says stop, and I doubt would have stopped even if she did.

  • Im with you i like to pick up nasty crackwhores and j*** off on their face. But i never let them touch me.

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