Can't tell this to anyone else.

I'm planning on losing my virginity this upcoming summer to someone I haven't seen "in person" since we were 5 and 6. It's not because I'm in love with him, it's because I want to lose it to someone I know I'll always be able to trust. He's never let me down.



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  • Think before you implement this plan.For a start, how do you know, this person feels any firm of attraction to you? Have you discussed this with him? Did you arrange this plan together and it's not just, one sided as in; wishful thinking on your part?
    Also, just because you trust him and want to lose your virginity to him, doesn't mean, he wants to.
    I suggest you wait until, you've met someone you love, aswell as trust.Take your time, you'll know when its the right time for you.Whose to say, you wont regret your decision, if you rush into losing your virginity.Plus, losing it to someone you don't love, doesn't sound great,even if you, do trust him, with your previous gift.

    Think about it girl and good luck :)

  • sweety, i know alot of girls who are virgins that arent -pure-. Surgery can fix a hymen, but if someones a s*** nothing can fix that.

  • ^ medical procedures??? that reinstate purity??? What procedure does that???

  • Maybe you don't know it, but this person you could one day fall in love with. I say wait to lose your virginity. Once its gone, there's no way to get it back.

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