I'm a straight man, but would love to try sucking a nice healthy c*** of another straight man. No kissing, cuddling, f****** the ass, or anything like that, just sucking c***. Swallowing it deep, and the c**. Makes me h**** as h***. I have never done ANYTHING with another man yet. Just thinking. I want to feel a man drive his c*** down my throat and c**.

Nov 26, 2010

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  • I’ve been on the giving end of that, it weirded me out at first but I told myself it’s a mouth both men and women have them, and with your eyes closed you can’t tell the difference. ( for the most part )

  • I'm the same as you, no kissing, cuddling, or trying to enter my back door.
    just drop ya pants, whip it out and let me make you squirt down my throat.

  • I’m in my 60’s, happily married, and never thought about blowing another guy. Until about 5 years ago, when i sucked off my first c***. Now that’s all I think about. I’ve done it about 10 more times over 5 years. It’s hard to stop once you start so proceed with caution. Make sure you want to commit to it cause you will fight the urge while living a secret life

  • I'd like to to have my c*** sucked , I have never been with a guy either would like to rub our c*** together

  • I am a straight guy who wants to do this too! I think about it a lot!

  • Don't listen to him dude...its normal to think about it! Everyone has from time to time. Even that hater!
    I would be happy to let you suck mine and eat my c** if you decide to go for it ;) actually you could do anything you want to try if you get the courage!

  • Thanks, That's really cool, and understanding of you. I wonder if you live near me? LOL Thanks again.

  • Lol@im a straight man, no your not your a F**!

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