Let him touch her

It is no secret that my wifes best friends husband has a "Crush" on my wife, We moved 10 years ago to a new city three states away to further my career, My wife met some new friends and she has become very close with a few of them but one I would say is definitely her BFF.
They are in a similar place in life, and do pretty much all of the same things, me and her BFF's husband have similar jobs for different firms which means we all hang out a lot due to the fact that me and him have time off at similar times, Last month we were all hanging out at our place having drinks and sitting around the fire, Me and him get along quite well and late into the night his wife told him she was going home, They only live a few blocks away so she walked and he was going to stay for a few more drinks which was not uncommon.
We were all pretty drunk by that point already and a few drinks after his wife left my wife stood up and said she had to go to bed, As she walked away she stumbled and knocked over a chair then went into the house and passed out, Me and him were sitting around and he mentioned that his wife who is a pretty girl, had let him take some naked pictures of her a few nights before and asked if I wanted to see them, Of course I said yes and he pulled out his phone and showed me a dozen or so pictures of her, She has kind of small, saggy b**** but otherwise looks pretty nice.
I told him I didn't have any pictures of my wife and he said "Damn, That's too bad, I would have loved to see her naked, She is so hot", We both laughed and I looked at him and said "want to see her", He said "Yeah of course", I motioned for him to follow me into the house and we went to the bedroom, We walked in and she was sleeping face down in just a long night shirt, I pulled the covers off and knowing my wife I knew she is a heavy sleeper and never wakes up, it is not the first time I have let someone see her after passing out and I pulled her nightshirt up exposing her ass.
I will admit my wifes ass is her best physical trait, Always has been ever since we met 12 years ago and at 32 she still has a better ass than most 20 year olds, He looked at her and whispered "Holy f*** that is perfect", I lifted her leg and spread them apart and he tilted his head to the side, I squeezed her ass cheek and said "Go ahead, Grab it", He looked at me and I nodded toward her, The hallway light was on and you could see everything perfectly, He whispered "Her p**** is beautiful", I said "Touch it", He squeezed her ass and ran his hand across it then down between her legs and rubbed her p****, He laughed and covered his mouth then whispered "She is wet", I said "she gets wetter if you finger her", He looked at me and I nodded toward her again, He slipped one finger in her and closed his eyes then looked at me and said "She is so tight".
I walked up to her, Closed her legs as he pulled his finger out of her and rolled her onto her back, I pulled her top down and pulled her b**** out bunching her shirt around her waist, I spread her legs and before I could say anything he shoved his finger in her again, He was looking at her and said "Oh my goodness she is so perfect", He was fingering her and playing with her b***, I stepped up and started pinching her other nipple with one hand and puled out my c*** with the other, I jerked off coming on her b**** then stepped back and he did the same.
I got a wet cloth and tossed it to him and watched as he wiped off her b**** then cupped them and squeezed them together, We went back outside and had a couple more drinks and he said "do you think my wife is passed out?", I said "I don't know, want to go see?".
We made the trek to his house and snuck inside, Long story short I ended up rubbing my c*** on her mouth and I ended up being the one to have to wipe her off, For the last three weeks we have been sneaking naked pics and videos of our wives and sending them to each other, Last video from him he banged his wife and she swallowed, Gonna have to try to out do that one.

Feb 10, 2017

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  • That's HOT!

  • That is so f****** hot.

  • One or both of you need to f*** the others wife next and do so soon; maybe even double up on them and see how it goes; be surprised if they don't wake up tho,drink or no drink once p**** starts getting played with in my experiance they wide awake

  • IF this tale even has any credibility, the 2 men are fools. Of course the gals wake up & "play possum". Females are deceptive that way & know how to manipulate. It's quite possible they are getting sloshed just to experience the men's level of nerve. Most likely they are just waiting for their neighbor's spouse to penetrate them, do their duty & feel their s**** gush into them. Of course they would never admit to that which is why the men should call their silent bluff.

  • So nice to abuse.

  • NO freaking way there is any method of abuse here. The girls like to drink & pass out. No harm in any way is suffered by anyone here. Remember, adults are responsible for themselves REGARDLESS of their use of alcohol. The gals obviously trust their spouses & no one is compromising that trust. Women know their bodies are sources for a man's pleasure. No harm done.

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